Press reviews (excerpt)

The excellent photographs, accurate in every detail, show the real working world of the mountain farmer. They show the unity and cohesion of this regional mountain culture in the era before modern machine technology reached even these high slopes …

Zeitschrift für Agrargeschichte und Agrarsoziologie, Stuttgart

With her long years of academic research and her own hands-on experience, the author has created a lasting monument to the traditional forms of life and work of the mountain farmers at a time when everything is in a period of transition. The expert eye immediately sees that the photographs are not only atmospheric and beautiful, but authentic and accurate in every detail. This outstanding photographer writes her own text to go with the photographs, which presents a wealth of accurate and important information, ideas and cross-connections.

Schweizerisches Archiv für Volkskunde Basel

…. a monument to the life of the Alpine farmer as it was lived for centuries. And every detail of the text shows the author’s intimate knowledge of her subject and personal connection with the world of alpine farming.

Prof. Richard Weiss, Schweiz

Erika Hubatschek, with her life-long connection to the alpine farming world, knows this world like no other. A classic portrayal of the life of alpine farmers.

Dolomiten, Bozen

Le sue fotografie, immagini dall’internotestimoni di una vita e di una sobria bellezza. Riprendere il filo della memoria di un mondo che si allontana senza sosto dal nostro …

Alto Adige, Bozen

Clear, modern style, fascinatingly refreshing still today. Photography with its own hallmark, authentic and convincing, in which natural realism is perfectly balanced with a sense of beauty.

Gunther Waibl, Laudatio